Calculating amounts from categories automatically

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Hello Excel gurus!


I am pretty much a newbie to doing anything beyond basic in Excel. I am working on a budget which I will try my best to explain. I am sure the answer exists somewhere out there, but I am not able to find the right question.


In Sheet 1 I have a budget breakdown, which includes a column for the budget category (eg - lighting, accomodation etc), a column for amount spent, a column for total remaining, a column for reforecast and a column for approved budget.


In Sheet 2 I have the beginnings of a list of expenses. Theres a column for date, category, description, status (spent, committed, forecast), cost and notes. I have added a dropdown to the category column for each of the categories listed in Sheet 1. I would like to auto populate Sheet 1 with these expenses as they are logged in Sheet 2. So every time someone picks Lighting from the category dropdown in Sheet 2, its adds it to the spent amount against lighting in Sheet 1. 


Does this make sense?


Help muchly appreciated!!






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Perhaps, a simple VLOOKUP will do the job.