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First time posting, thank you so much for considering helping. 


I just want to make a column that calculates % of the "Count of Interventions" over the "Count of Winter" Scores. For instance, 2nd grade > High > should be 83/250 = .332 or 33.2%


When I go into Value Field Settings, show as, %...every option that I try is not doing the trick. Not sure what to try next. 





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You can insert a caluclated field.

insert calculated field.png


In the below screenshot the name of the column (in the pop up field) is Percentage and the calculation is =Intervention/Winter.


In the result table in range F1:J10 in the column "Summe von Percentage" the results are formatted as percentage.

calculated field.png




Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate it.


I tried your method, and after looking at google, youtube, and chatgpt, it said to do the same thing you mentioned, but I still keep getting a #div/0. So I must be doing something else wrong.


I simplified my table and am showing some new pictures here. 


So in this new example, both of my pivot table columns come from the same column. One is a sum, and one is a count. I am hoping to divide the sum by the count. Practice3.pngPractice4.png



From your screenshot i can't tell why you get an #Div./0 error because in the "Intervention2" column all values are greater than 0. If you insert a calucalted filed with the formula =Intervention/Intervention2 there shouldn't be an error in my understanding.


Can you attach your file without sensitive data or a screenshot which shows the percentage column in the result table and the pop up window for the calculated field with its name and formula?