Calculated Field in Pivot Table - Failed in calculation.

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I tried to use the "Fields, Items, & Sets' in PivotTable and sum up the number from 1st column to 4th column but turns out the result showed is zero in the 5th column. Does anyone know how could this happen and how to fix it? 

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You need to show the formula bar in your screenshot and share what formula you were using.

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Here is what I did on the Pivot Table. I was just using the simple calculation but it has nothing turned out. 

Can you attach your file here?
I hope so but that's some information is confidential. What's the possibility to cause this?
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@Stanly_LIEW The calculated field is summing contact numbers, which presumably are texts. Hence, a sum of zero. Your intention is to sum the count of contacts. Then you need to add the source data to the Data Model and create three DAX measures. Two that count the number of entries in each of the contact columns and one that sums these two counts.

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It worked! Thanks Riny!