Calculate value if value greater than 20:00:00 hours

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Hi guys,


I need to know alls days that have hour registered in range 20:00:00 hours to 22:00:00 hours  or equal 

Example: If the value are in this range like 21:01:10 it's true 


I have this function but just for one value : 




In cell Q2 i have the 20:00:00 hour VALUE

In cell C2: i have the hours 






How can i calculate in a range 20:00:00 hours to 22:00:00 hours or 8pm to 10 pm


Thanks for all help guys 


best regards


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Maybe with this formula. 


For example:




or even



Thank you sir, and if i want to add in function if the days is saturday count all hours to 22:00:00 ? but the other days keep counting 20:00:00 to 22:00:00 its possible?


Does C2 contain the date and time? If so:


If the date is in another cell, say in B2: