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Calculate time difference

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I'm currently struggling with something which will most probably be easy to solve. 

I've been using the formula =datedif for a longer time, but now I'm working with a new excel sheet and it does not work anymore. I've been able to solute the problem by using the formulat =INT, but now I have to calculate the difference between two specific dates instead of the difference between then and now. When going to 'evaluate formula' to look where it goes wrong, it does not show one of the dates as a serial number and when trying to convert it to a serial number using the formula =datevalue, it again shows the normal date instead of the serial number. I also tried to look at cell properties, but when trying another annotation, it does not work either. 

Do you guys perhaps have the solution? 

B2 = 28-01-2015, V2 = 11-12-2021. As you can see V2 becomes a serial number when using it in the formula (as we want it to) 





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Show the date or number depends on format you applied, If that's a date. If you use text DATEVALUE() works if texts meets your regional setting formats. Perhaps something else, but that's better to discuss with sample or at least with screenshot.

Hey, I eddited my post using pictures. Hopefully it tells you enough. It's in dutch though (datumverschil = datedif)