Calculate Stop times



Think bus timetable.

I have a cell with formatted as a Time cell. Currently showing 8:00am


I also have a column formatted as hh:mm which shows a series of durations

2:13 (2 hours 13 mins)

1:07 (1 hour 7 mins)

1:01 (1 hour 1 minute)


Result I am looking for in the column next to duration column above would be time


10:13am (ie 8:00am + 2 hours 13 mins)

11:20am (ie 10:13am + 1 hour 7 mins)

12:21pm (ie 11:20am + 1 hour 1 minute)


Trying to work out how to achieve this.


Thanks in advance



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@Todd Lane 

For example (result to the left, formulas to the right):


Or even easier:


Thanks @Hans Vogelaar,

Im not getting same results. Would you mind sharing what format you are using on each cell




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@Todd Lane 

The duration cells are formatted as hh:mm, and the start and stop times as h:mm AM/PM.

I have attached a sample workbook.

Thanks so much @Hans Vogelaar

@Todd Lane 

Excuse me for posting a 365 solution but the presentation can be very different using 365.

Worksheet formula
= SCAN(Start, Duration, Sumλ)

where Sumλ is
= LAMBDA(x, y, x+y)