calculate number of days if cell is empty.

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Hello greetings ! I have an excel with 4 columns, in the first column the identification of the quote is recorded, the second column identifies the date the person received the quote by mail, the third column should be the date the person processed the quote , and in column 4 what I want to do is that if the cell in column 3 is empty, in column 4 it shows the number of days that have passed until today without processing the quote, that is, if column 3 is empty it What I require is that you tell me how many days have passed, taking as a reference the start date that appears in column 2. Is it possible to do it? I tried and couldn't, if someone can help me that would be great.

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@Jhonny97or Suppose we are looking at row 1, then the formula in D1 could be

Thank you very much, it was what I needed