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Hi! I think I followed the instructions but I got an error message.

This is from the tutorial in Windows 11. First it shows negative values, and then maybe if was too late to delete that?
 And also, how can I type $  5,000.00 in a table to sum up among other constants? 

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Which negative values do you mean.

Enter 5000 and apply any format you wish, in particular that could be currency format.

I have now added a picture in my post about negative values when I typed "=Today()". I could type
$ 5 000.00, but not $5,000.00, like someone had done in a tutorial.


Without file it's hard to say what is wrong. It shall be


Please check in attached file.

What file do you want? Type how I can share it to you. I don't understand what you are showing with your attached file. Looks like mine. Could you do a video?


Screenshot doesn't show what you are doing. You may have another regional format and use texts which looks like dates instead of dates. Cell which looks like blank could be not blank but have empty text. Whatever. If you open my file and it works compare with your one and try to find the difference.

You may attach your file replying on post


If that functionality is not available sent it to me by Direct Message, it shall work in any case.

@Sergei Baklan 


I dont think your file worked. The first line showed #########.


Please select column


and make it wider


See if you can find my file now.


With everyone's permission, here's another approach, with two cells.



If it doesn't help, please just ignore it.


File with example added




I see only pdf and another screenshot, but not the Excel file


I guess the question is not which formula to use, but how to work with Microsoft tutorial

Maybe both. Could you please tell me how to share the excel file with you?


Same way as you attached file to this post


or as you attached pdf to the initial post



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Maybe it will help as a reminder
What exactly shall I drop? I had it open on my phone too, can I drop it there?
Don't know, I don't have an iphone...
if you don't try it, you don't know either :)).

I now have the excel file open and this chat on a splitted screen. Excel has a share button but then I need to know his email. I can't find anything to drag in her from that document. There is no address. Have you ever drag an excel file into a chat like this?
Could you please describe the procedure, all the steps/actions, that I need to take?!AqvpaLjMp1_pgXiBGCXe8MEjRGFG
I copied the link. A copy is in my first message too. I think you need to download it.