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I'd like to ask for help regarding a #VALUE error I am receiving when subtracting time duration. End Time -  Start Time. I use the simple formula =D4-C4 but the error shows on E4 cell where the formula was typed. I tried changing the region settings, format settings but still the error shows. When I typed in 4 in cell A10 and  8 in B10, then =B10-A10, the formula worked giving 4 as an answer. I also changed the cell formatting to time but still the error appeared. I also tried custom setting but still unsuccessful. Can you help me fix the error please?excel value error.PNG


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Hi @Deleted 


From your screenshot it looks like your times are aligned to the left of the cell which indicates they have been entered as text.


Change the cell format to General and try typing them in again.   It should then work



Amazing! That worked! Thank you for the help @Wyn Hopkins