Calcolo percentuale riga sul totale colonna

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Buingiorno gentilmente qual'è la formula per calcolare la percentuale di ogni riga sul totale della colonna di una tabella excel . Grazie
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Could you attach a sample workbook and indicate what you want there?

For work I decoded all the recipes in a word table, below for example, I would need THE FORMULA or know how to calculate the percentage of each row of the raw material, the last column on the right of the total of the recipe. thank you so much.


You don't display the row numbers and column letters, so the following is just an example.

Let's say the Ric. Base data are in E4:E8, with the total in E9, and the percentages should be in I4:I8.

Enter the following formula in I4:




Fill down to I8.

Grazie mille e buona serata