Buttons to add/subtract stock based on a input cells data (Serial Number) over multiple worksheets?

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Hi All,


Just joined as i'm having difficulties with two kind of related issues. 


1) My workbook is made up of roughly 25 worksheets relating to different manufactures of products we stock. I am trying to implement a bar code scanner into our stock taking procedure to minimise error and to speed the whole thing up (We are quite archaic over here). 


I have uploaded and removed most of the information to make the workbook as small and uncomplicated as possible to you guys. 


On the "Inventory Taking" sheet you will see an input box that will contain a serial number just scanned and a button either side to add or subtract from a data sheet stored on the worksheet "Source Page". 


How can i get this to work so when i press a button excel searches the "Source Page" for the corresponding serial number then automatically either subtracts or adds 1 depending on the button pressed? 


2)After Excel has automatically subtracted or added a stock item selected i would like the information in the cell showing serial number to be deleted and selected ready for more data input.


I appreciate this is probably simpler then i'm imagining but I've been at this nearly all week doing as much research without actually asking a question as i can. But i'm struggling to make google present me with answers to what i'm looking for. 


I'm currently using Excel 2007. 


Thanks for your time,



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