Button to create hyperlink to files in SharePoint folder in Excel

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I've had a strange request from one of my end users.  We have an Incident Investigation Form that's been built in Excel. They would like to add a button to the form to link out to another file that would have notes from the employee that was hurt.


I'm pretty sure I can get a shape/button to the point where the hyperlink will take me to the correct SharePoint folder but what I don't know how to do is to capture the exact file and have it save as a link. So that when the file is saved, it saves that exact link and not just going back to the general folder when the button/shape is clicked on.


Any thoughts on how I might do this?  I'm thinking maybe with VBA but I'm not a programmer so I'd need help.


Thank you 



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Hi @Kendra Townshend 


Have you tried to check the detail of the file location on the sharepoint by right click on the file and click on properties, then click on security tab, then copy the address beside the object name?