Bus route calculator

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Hello all! I am very new to excel and I'm not quite sure how to go about this problem, so I would appreciate some help.

I work as an office assistant for a university, and I wanted to make a spreadsheet for my personal use that helps me solve my frequently asked questions more quickly. I often help students find which bus route they would want to take to get from stop "A" to stop "B". Would it be possible to make a calculator of sorts where I can plug in the beginning and end stop and be given the best route(s) to complete the trip? I'm not sure where to start. It would be for personal use, so it doesn't have to be sleek or pretty. I am attaching a sample of my data, with stop names and routes changed for privacy. The stops are in the first column, the routes are along the top. If a stop is along a specific route, I have put "yes" in the cell. 

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Looking more closely at it all, I don't think it would actually be worth the time or trouble.