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Hello, I am working on a project in excel and I need help to automate a few steps. I am trying to build something in excel that will automatically copy different cells in one sheet and paste it in another. I am not quite sure how to do this or what I need to do. Its almost like a loop. Also, there are cells in the first sheet that say either "Yes" or "No". If Yes, then there is more information that needs copied. If no, then the program should move to the next row. If anyone has any ideas I am all ears. Thank you! 

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Is it possible, without violating confidentiality, to post copies of the spreadsheet in question on OneDrive or in GoogleDrive?

It's difficult to recommend a solution without a sample workbook. I suspect you might be able to use the FILTER function to accomplish this task.

Hello @GabrielSzep ,  It is very difficult to understand the concept with out demo data, but try to use conditional IF formula with Vlookup or index match for getting data based on "YES","NO".




To not violate confidentiality, I created a Dummy Survey to show what I am trying to accomplish. Sheet0 is what generates straight from Qualtrics. Sheet1 is what I want to transform the data into. I did this manually by copying and pasting. Does anyone know how to do this automatically? Preferably by clicking a button with VBA. Thank You!