Bug with formulas?

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Since I installed the latest update, when I enter a formula on Excel, the cell won't show the result of the formula, but the formula itself:

Captura de pantalla 2022-03-18 a las 15.05.16.png

Not sure if I am doing anything wrong, or if this is just an annoying bug. Normally, I would just type the formula in, press enter, and that's it, the cell would show the total sum...

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@DavidL335 Check that the field format is not set to text or that the below is unchecked.

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NO BUGS , its typing error
the formula shoould be
=SUM(F673:F688) instead of =SUMA

If there is a problem with the function name the error will be #NAME? , Suma might be custom function.


Just try this, highlight the cell with the formula, just press CTRL + ~

Unless he has it set up to Spanish.
It's probably good to check SUM anyway just in case!