Bug regression on comment fields in Excel online

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Hello, I use Excel online with large file with 3000+ lines mainly on a single sheet and with a lot of comment fields on the cells. Until June this year, everything was working fine, all the comments were showing up in the right pane, specific for comments. Moreover, since I use the IRM addon to prevent the copy of the cell & comment content i.e. for a strict read-only policy, no user could copy/paste the content from the file.


Now, without any change on my side:

1/ comments do not show up anymore with the hover feature: I have looked at that point particularly and it seems Microsoft has implemented a limit after June. Indeed, by deleting the comments until a particular number of character on a specific line and on a specific row, the comments show up but if I add a single character to this particular comment fields, the comments of any cell won't show up anymore.

2/ the comments do not show up in the right pane anymore, even with a low number of comments

3/ the IRM DO NOT WORK anymore on the comments when they show up, and anyone can copy them (tested with a restricted user account)!!!!


In short, it's a total failure of Microsoft to implement changes without inserting bugs and limitations of any kind, without the users having to check every features again. Especially, you have to pay for the IRM addon which is supposed to enforce security features and protect your content even more, but even for that Microsoft is not able to warrant that.


These are clear regression, MS has to change that quickly. It was working before!

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Please use Help, Feedback, I don't like something to report this to Microsoft directly, I think this is an important issue. I advise to enter an email address so they can get back to you about the problem