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DROPDOWN in a limited free version of excel online at onedrive is using "comma" instead of "semicolon". But that's not what I'm here for.

Well, I start a dropdown with "comma"between words, right? it works fine but when I want to edit it to put more words into that same cell, I see that all of the "commas" turn into "semicolons" which makes it inoperable.


Example: Taxes,Rent

In the same cell I'm going to validation data for the 2nd time to add more words, in this case would be "Supplies" but it turns into Taxes;Rent and it deactivates the dropdown.

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If your list is dynamic in the first place--if there's a reasonable possibility that you'll be adding more--it might work better if your Data Validation was based on a list held in a set of rows (a Table) on a separate tab in the workbook. As a general practice, when I'm creating a workbook, I almost always create a separate tab called "tables" for use in VLOOKUP tables or in Data Validation. If you assign a name to the table, then you can even add items without changing the reference in your Data Validation window.

Well, it's a counter-measure, I suppose. I'll try to make that into a routine to avoid that happening, Thank you!