Break Power Query Connection but keep data untouched?

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I have an excel workbook that connects to 6 other excel workbooks via Power Query.  I would like to break that connection and keep the data untouched.  That way if the workbook ever gets moved or what not, the data will always remain.

What is the best and quickest way to accomplish this?  Just go into all 6 tables and convert to range or unlink them?  Any quicker way?

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Best or not depends on goals. Both require same time - right click on the table and in Table select Convert to range or Unlink. The difference is that in second variant you keep structured table instead of range.

Thank you. I have a ton of workbooks like this that I would like to break the connection so just wanted to know the best way. Was hoping I could break all connections in a workbook at once instead of one at a time.