Break Links isn't working, and I can't find my link even after downloading the "Find Links" add-in

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Apparently there's a link in my workbook. 


When I select it and click "Break Link", I get this:


When I hit "Break Links", this dialouge box disappears and nothing happens.


I download, unblocked, and activated the Find Links add-in, but it's grayed out.



What should I try next? Thanks.


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You had a few sheet level named items that referred to the workbook itself. Most likely created when copying sheets. Notice in the capture how the C drive location points to my computer because the file itself is open on my C drive.


Link free workbook is attached.


Thanks so much for finding those! Did you delete them? Will it mess anything up?
Also, how can I find and delete those in the future?
I deleted them. They're dupes of named items you already have as workbook level named items.