Box and whiskers chart - data set limit

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I have a large data set (ca 60000 rows) with autologger data which I use box and whisker plot to visualize. This worked very well the first year, less well the second and now in the third year Excel is working hard to update the charts with 3 years of data. Is there a limit to the dataset size that Excel can access/use in these charts? For me this kind of chart is an excellent way to visualize large datasets, but if Excel cannot processs larger data sets I lose this possibility. I have tried reducing the amount of unnecessary data, saving the workbook locally and starting agin from scratch with new files. The PC is new and both Windows and Office are up to date. All colleagues have the same issue, so it is probably not related to my hard- or software. Any advice is appreciated on how to proceed, or work around this issue.

Regards, Martin

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