Borders not printing

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Sheet has text with borders.


When printing the sheet, the borders are not printed.

I have already searched for solutions on the internet.

WORD: no problem. Copy sheet to WORD: no problem.

Printing on different printers: problem stays .

Reinstalling Office 365: still same problem

Ptint as PDF: same problem.

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Hello, when I tried to print the sheet, the possible is visible in the Print Preview





But is you send it to a printer the borders are not printed.

@JanMe150 No problem printing here.


I'm on a Mac (Catalina, Office365) with an old HP Laserjet. Works perfect without any modification to the file, my computer settings or the printer's. What's your set up?


Please check if you are not in draft quality



Dear Riny,

I am on a Acer. I tried printing on 3 different printers (all HP) NO borders.

Has the MAC something to do with?

Maybe my general EXCEL settings have something to do with it? So the spreadsheet (file) settings are ok, although I reinstalled Office 365.

It occured from one day on the other.

Regards JanM





NO I am not in draft mode.


@Sergei Baklan 



I tried printing your sheet and it printed fine in my printer. Perhaps you want to customize your PAGE LAYOUT from the top menu and highlight the entire section you want to print and also adjust your margins.


Is that for any file or only for this specific one? If the latest does it work with autofitted cells as Slager (2) sheet attached?

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Sorry in Dutch

Found the reason.

Instellingen-Persoonlijke Instellingen-Instellingen Hoog Contrast-Hoog contrast inschakelen.

When I swiched it back to GEEN HOOG CONTRAST: problem solved.

Shame on you Microsoft.


LibrOffice: no problem

@Sergei Baklan 


Thanks all for replying.


Brilliant! I have been trying to sort this on a work colleagues laptop for ages. Would never have thought it would be because he had HIGH CONTRAST windows features turned on. Thank you :)


We had this same problem at my office.  The cell border lines we were using were the lightest line (small dots).  What we discovered is that we needed to bump up the print resolution to at least 600 dpi.  We were printing at 300 dpi.  Hope this helps.@JanMe150 

Dear @Sergei Baklan

i followed, great. Thanks.

@JanMe150   This is heppening to me with an Excel file.  No borders printing. They are definately there on the sheet and in print preview!