Blank cell until other cells are populated.

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Hello everyone.

I was wondering if someone could help me.

I’m trying to populate a cell D23, I would hope to keep it BLANK, until any of the cells in column D are populated.  Each D cell is designated a name (mentioned in Column C) that are dependent on the Date entered in C3.  I hope to create a dashboard with the Outcome results in Row 23 and I need to start with D23. 

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Not sure what you need, but what about this formula in D23:

I will try this one out.


I got one that seemed to work=TEXTJOIN("; ", TRUE, D5,D8,D11,D14,D17,D20) worked perfect, shoutout to SnowMan55.

The date drives the process, my only fear is my boss wanting to use overlapping dates of those process in Column D, but for now this helps isolating a date and knowing which process we need to review because each process has restrictions I will place on another tab as a dashboard.