Blank Cell if another cell is blank

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I am working on an on-time delivery tracker and I am struggling with a formula to return a blank cell value if another cell is blank. Cell L3 and M3 are dates with L3 being the due date and M3 being the actual completed date. Cell P3 will tell me Yes or No (on time) based on due date and actual completed date (Cell L3 and M3). My formula is currently written as =if(M3>L3, "No", "Yes") but cell P3 still shows Yes even if dates are not entered in cell L3 and M3. How can I get cell P3 to be blank if cell L3 and M3 are blank (do not have dates)?

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Try this,




Thank you so much. Really helpful, Now I see the mistake I made with the OR function
Thank you for your reply, I appreciate your help!