Blank cell as criteria for SUMIFS

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I have 3 columns I need to look at to add certain numbers in my 4th column, and the third criterion column must be blank in order to add the number in the 4th cell. Here is the formula I've been trying to use:

=SUMIFS(K5:K123, B5:B123, "X", C5:C123, "Y", J5:J123, "")

The total column says 0 although there are numbers that should be added. I have also tried "=" for the blank criteria. Please help

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Hi @rkenisto

You can try this:

=SUMIFS(K5:K123, B5:B123, "X", C5:C123, "Y", J5:J123, "=")




I have tried that as well and end up with the same results. It is starting to make me think something is wrong with the sheet or data i was given. Anyways, thank you for the help!


The formula works for me. Be sure to check whether the cells are really blank.


Are you able to share the file so I can take a look, as long as there are no sensitive information therein.


@Detlef Lewin 


You helped me figure it out. All the cells have a formula so I had to say they were 0 and not blank. Thank you!

i tried it and it work successfully thank you sir.