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Hi all,

Need your help to find a solution or a way to solve issue, So i'm working with a very large database which reachs to 7.5 milion record in just 45 days and i'm working on week over week on excel and it is so exhausting and time wasting so tried to store it in access and it was very effective till excel can't read it on pivot table no more
Can anyone till me the solution for importing access database to make a pivot table as it gives me "problem obtaining data" error or another solution to work and update my data as its updated daily
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You may try Power Query using the connector to Access database.

Can you show me how or link a Tutorial for it but i think it will also make excel give me the same error as if excel will red the database from power query will freeze with the huge numbwr of records or maybe i don't understand xan you tell me how please


You may check and I believe you may google for more.


As I understood you need to import into the data model, not into Excel sheet, thus you have chances. Data model on practice is limited only by memory size. Another story is performance, it depends.


And perhaps you don't need entire Access table, only part of it, if so you may apply filter / columns transformation in Power Query.