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Ik heb een Excel factuur aangemaakt en vervolgens geconverteerd naar pdf formaat. De factuur stuur ik naar de klant. Ik wil graag een betaallink in de factuur aanleggen die de klant doorstuurt naar Mollie Payments. Feit

Kan dat?


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Do an UPDATE November 2021 - Sometimes it is because of the updates that may be missing.

Save or convert to PDF or XPS in Project desktop


It would be an advantage if you had inserted several pieces of information. Simple information such as Excel version and operating system. Here is a link on how you can quickly get a suggested solution.

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I wish furthermore much success.

Excel versie 2019
Windows 10 Home Edition


Could you please describe in more detail which steps you have to carry out during the conversion?

... and which pdf reader do you use?

With which hyperlinks does it happen? with all or only with internal ones? .

. Formula example? Did you perform the update?

If so, I recommend updating your pdf reader in advance.

If none of this helps, you could be the first to uninstall and reinstall your pdf reader.

As the next step, perform an Office repair.


If all this does not work, please insert a file ( browse files to attach) that does not convert the hyperlinks (without sensitive data) in order to recover the problem.


Thank you for your understanding and patience

First of all, here is a possibility (even if it could probably not be the solution): Extras -> Options -> General -> Web options -> Files. Deactivate the "Update links when saving" option there.

NikolinoDE, Ik heb de stappen uitgevoerd, maar weet niet hoe ik verder moet.