Best way to pull ID numbers to match Names

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I have two sheets, both have employee ID numbers. One sheet has their corresponding name, and the second sheet has their corresponding phone number.


The issue I am running into is one data pull gives me 200+ results (sheet 1), and the second gives me a larger criteria (400+ results). The second sheet gives me extra non-exempt employees but I can't exactly just do a quick filter to remove, I thought the best way would be to match the ID numbers.


Sheet 1:

Employee IDNameContact Info
1100Jane Smith 



Sheet 2:

Employee IDContact Info

How would be the best way to combine these to reflect all the info on sheet 1? 


Thank you!

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You can use XLOOKUP or VLOOKUP on Sheet1 to return the phone number from Sheet2:


=XLOOKUP(A2, Sheet2!A:A, Sheet2!B:B. "")


If you want to add the IDs from Sheet2 that don't occur on Sheet1, you can use VSTACK and UNIQUE to combine the two lists on another sheet.