best practices for tracking monthly company financials

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Hello -- The FP&A systems in place at my new firm are scattered across 50+ XLSX files, making it near impossible to get more than two numbers that tie during analysis (e.g., the current CFO maintains off-book manual adjustments, that are not always entered correctly, etc.)...

Is there a way to revamp how reporting  is down (it's a lofty ask, i know) or something any tips / trick's you'd recommend tp save me some time having to reverse-engineer his work to figure out how what's going on?  A few issues that com to mind is (top nor bottom line figures tie across the 50+ sheets required to review any financial performance data, and w/ a plug here or there to keep the train on the tracks.  data is not conducive to pivot table analyses (e.g., 12 columns for Jan X, Jan Y, Jan Z, etc. for everyone from sales but customer in one place, historical sales by customer elsewhere, actual YTD sales in a third location, 5+7 forecast hardcoded on top of the original budget w/ now way to back out / QC the changes (issues already surfacing)....needless to say, it all makes it pretty cumbersome and manual to try and scrub them into pivot table format.
pardon the long rambling -- please let me know of any questions you have / or add'l info that would be helpful to pass along.  Any and all thoughts / considerations / shots in the dark welcome


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