best practice for multi-window tracing of precendents and dependents


I need some help with the best way to trace precedents and dependents in a multi-window setup.  Specifically, I have always used multiple windows when trying to audit formulas, but have always found annoying the fact that while in a single sheet, I can go into my formula bar and see the color highlighting in the various cells the drive it. I can also use the formula auditing lines for precedents and dependents.  When I'm dealing with a source or destination in another sheet, two annoyances occur (which have their merit in some ways, but they are not as convenient as the same-sheet options):


1) if I click into a cell, any corresponding window that is open, which has the source or destination, does NOT color any differently (therefore not indicating the relationship)

2) using the precedent and dependent arrows does NOT impact the additional window


Is there a way to interactively use multiple windows to trace things, so that I don't have to keep hopping back/forth between sheet tabs?


Thanks for any thoughts.

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I'm afraid not. You may find my RefTreeAnalyser useful though. It has a Visualize button that has most of the functionality you need. The tool offers a free demo mode: https://jkp-ads.com/reftreeanalyser.asp

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