Beginner - VBA Copying data from sheet & range from several workbooks to a master via Teams

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Hi experts!

I have read several forum posts on using Macros to copy a specific range from one workbook to another. However nothing I have read seems to match my requirements.


The scenario is I have 14 workbooks all identical in structure hosted in different MS Teams Channels.


I have one master workbook located on my OneDrive.


I want to be able to extract into my master workbook a specific sheets data in a range. Although the 14 workbooks have the exact structure, the names are different ie. Planner_100.xls, Planner_200.xls etc


To be more specific, in each of the 14 workbooks I wish to copy Sheet "Data", range A1:C10 to my master workbook sheet "Summary" as a continuous list.


What is the best approach? Can this even be done when hosting the 14 workbooks in different MS Teams channels?


Does a macros be hosted in the master workbook? Or does each of the 14 workbooks host a macros?


Thank you for your advice

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Check out Data, Get Data, From Sharepoint (as it is likely the files are there).