Basic Excel questions

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Hi, I will have ongoing questions regarding Excel sheets so will use this thread to commence this ongoing dialogue.


Basic question #1 - the "delete" workbook is not available to me while working with the excel sheet online Microsoft 365.

#2 I wish to duplicate a sheet into a seperate workbook. The option to 'move or copy' is also not available to me. 



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#1: Do you really mean delete workbook? This option is not available from within Excel. You'll have to do that in OneDrive.

If you want to delete a worksheet:

  • Right-click the sheet tab.
  • Select 'Delete' from the context menu.
  • This option is only available if the workbook has more than one visible worksheet.

#2: In Excel Online, you can only duplicate a worksheet within the same workbook. It does not have an option to move or copy a sheet to another workbook. You'll have to copy/paste all data from the source sheet to the target sheet in another workbook. Or edit the workbook in the desktop version of Excel.