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I'm to calculate current gain or loss from an initial investment with current value changing everyday.  ie

1000 invested but day 1 is 1009, day 2 is 950.  I want to use auto calculate but it pulls next box and not initial investment

Current Value 4900       2690.662812.683878.344715.01
Gain/Loss         -2209.34-2087.32-1021.66-184.99
Current Price         0.08430.08810.08670.0787
Breakeven Price         0.0815326530.0815326530.0815326530.08153265
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You're going to have to do a bit more to explain the situation. I do a lot with tracking my investments, but I am having a hard time making coherent sense of your description here. Can you take another pass at describing the details of the investment (I realize the $1,000 and other figures are just an example), but are you looking for an internal rate of return (where XIRR function might work for you) or just an absolute return based on today's value or each day's value....

Your description is just missing a lot of details. Which probably is why you've had over 40 views and no replies to date,

The description is a little difficult to understand. More details would help.

Since you mentioned 'pulls next box', I believe you need to fix the reference to initial investment. When you make reference to the cell containing initial investment press F4 or add $ symbol manually.
Say, your cell reference to initial investment is A1 and current value is A2. Then gain/loss would be A2-A1. Instead if this use A2-$A$1.
Then you can flash fill rest of the cells to auto-calculate
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Thank you the $A$1 is exactly what I needed. Thanks again and happy new yeapr