Based on condition populate 3rd vale

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I have 3 column values in my excel and would like to populate 3rd value based on first/second col values. I tried with filters, If condition but couldn’t get results, how do I get this fixed? 
Pls advise 

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Hi @BNemuri 


according to your description, it sounds like some IF statements. But in order to help you, we would need some more details, like what exactly are the rules to fill the third column.

Screenshots and information about your Excel version would also help.


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Here are the details, where I have 3 columns with values in Lookup tab


In the MainSheet tab, I would like to auto-populate col3 based on the col1 & 2 

Ex: when I enter "SST" in col1 and "A" in col2, then it should populate "1" in col3.



Hope I provided complete details. I really appreciate your support on this.






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Depends on each Excel version you are, that could be like

=XLOOKUP($A3&"="&$B3, 'Lookup values'!$A$3:$A$20 & "=" & 'Lookup values'!$B$3:$B$20, 'Lookup values'!$C$3:$C$20, "" )
Thank Sergai, it worked.

@BNemuri , you are welcome