Bar length in cell based on value in another cell

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Hi, We have a report where a column shows a value, usually between 1 and 200. 


We want to have a horizontal bar in the next cell whose length is based on the cell value.


Something like below, but I want it to be a continuous block, rather than "X". Ideally I also want the bar to have a mark to show where the 100 value, the "|" would do.


Any ideas?








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Why not use a 2D bar graph? no point in reinventing the wheel. Just resize it to match your rows, see attached. Note I reversed the vertical axis so it would display in the correct order.

That could be

=REPT("X",MIN(A2,100)) & IF(A2>100,"|"&REPT("X",A2-100),"")


Hi Rich, Thanks for the speedy response. I actually have 250 rows so probably too many for a graph.


I have seen this done before but can't recall how. At the moment, I am using the rept() function to show "X" as representative of cell value. It's ok but I really would like a continuous bar. 




Hi Sergei, That's what I want. Any idea how to improve on the "X" and so I get continuous bar?





It would easily stretch to 250 rows

You may try to find most close to that symbol, e.g. CHAR(110) with Windings font.


Another way is in B column add =A2, etc, and apply conditional formatting to column with data bar, set option not to show numbers and minimum value as zero. 


Both variants are in attached.


And if separate 100 with conditional formatting, when use two helpers column, with MIN(A2,100) in first and the rest in second, apply data bar formatting to both

Swap the “X” with “|” in Sergei’s formula. For another, instead of -100, modify it to 101 so that the 100th character will display as “X”, all succeeding characters will display as “|”, and the total number of characters will be exactly equal as those of A2.
Let me correct myself. The formula in B2 should be:
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