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Hi everyone

I wonder if someone can help with this challenge that has bugged me for a long time. I make a lot of bar charts in Excel. However, when I set up the data in a spreadsheet, the order of the categories is always reversed in the bar chart. You can see this in the screenshot.




Can anyone tell me how to avoid this?

Thank you!


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@Kevin_Burchell Format the vertical axis to show categories in reverse order, and the set the horizontal axis labels position to be "high".


Attached an example.

Hi Riny
Thank you.
Forgive me, I am confused.
You say format the categories in reverse but you have formatted them (in the spreadsheet) in the right order.
Also, I cannot get the chart properties to show.
In one of my charts, I have now used 'categories in reverse order' in Chart elements-Format axes to get the categories to reverse.
However, I cannot see how to reverse the values.
Anyway, thanks for your help, all the best

@Kevin_Burchell Bar charts are a bit special. If you have series/categories A,B and C, the chart displays them C,B,A from the top down. Hence you have to reverse the order.


But perhaps now I have lost you. Can upload some examples explaining the problem(s)




Hi Riny
Thank you.
Yes, I know that, that's the problem I raise!
I have solved it now, the 'categories in reverse order' does the job.