Bar chart Data Labels in reverse order

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I'm having a problem with the way data labels are ordered when displayed in a bar chart.  Please see the attached excel file.


Notice how the dates descend in the table but the related data label is ascending?


For example, the first data point: item 1; 1-Nov-18; 30


Shouldn't that be: item 8; 1-Nov-18; 30?



On the format axis properties, I reversed the order and it only reverses the entire axis, with the data labels attached to it.



I see no other option than to re-copy the entire Status column in reverse order....

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you're using labels via the "Value from Cells" setting. In this setting a range of cells is specified. The order in which the text appears in these cells is the order that the labels will be displayed.


The cells from which the label values are taken are totally independent of the axis order. The first data item gets the first label.


If you want to reverse the data order in the chart, you will need to build a corresponding list of labels. 


You may want to consider sorting your source data by the date column in ascending order, then you don't have to make any changes to the default chart axis settings. 

I want to build a diagram using the numbers in a column, in REVERSE order. Isn't that possible?