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I am using a Huawei MediaPad to work in Excel.

I often need to change cells colors, and every time I touch on the button to paint the cell, it displays all the available colors instead of just painting the cell with the default color, or the last color I used, which is always the same.


Is there anything I can do to make the pallet not open every time I need to paint a cell? Any configuration? Am I missing an update or something?


I'd really appreciate your help!


Thank you in advance.

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In Windows versions, I’m pretty sure you just click the paint pot (fill) icon to fill with last colour selected (not the drop down arrow but the actual pot part). Failing that, you could write a macro and assign a shortcut e.g. CTRL + f
This would be the code and the fill colour is yellow (6):

Sub YellowFill()
Selection.Interior.ColorIndex = 6
End Sub



Thank you for your answer!


There is no drop down arrow, there is just the plain button with the pot... (See attached image)

I appreciate your advice of using a macro,but I don't think that would be a solution since I am using a tablet, and it will be the same amount of steps to reach Ctrl+F than touching the pot button and choosing the color I need every time I need it.



@Gustavo_Hopp Yes, I can see how that wouldn’t help without the keyboard.
The only other thing I can suggest, which will be helpful if you do all the colour fill at one time, is the format painter; by double clicking on format painter, you can fix the function to repeat the formatting as many times as required.
Hope this is of use.