Avg Sales Per Week Day using DAX

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Hi, all. I have a dimension table that is a standard date dimension table - has all the usual elements (date, day of week, week number, month number, etc).


I also have a fact table with sales for each date.


I am interested in getting the average sales per day of the week. For example, average sold on Monday. Average sold on Tuesday. Etc.


I am using: AVERAGEX(VALUES(dCalendar[Day of Week]),[QTY]) but it's producing numbers that don't square with reality.


Any other suggestions?



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It's not clear how you'd like to use it. If the model is like


you may add measure

Average Qty:=AVERAGE( Table1[QTY] )

and show it as


@Sergei, Thank you. This is giving me the average of each order on those week days. I am looking for the average of the total quantity for each of those weekdays. That's why I tried AVERAGEX because it would sum the quantity for each weekday first, then run the average for each weekday.


If I understood your logic correctly that could be

Total Qty:=SUM( Table1[QTY] )
Another Average:=AVERAGEX( 'Calendar', Table1[Total Qty] )

Another way is

Distinct Dates:=DISTINCTCOUNT( Table1[Date] )
Same Average:=DIVIDE( [Total Qty], [Distinct Dates], 0 )