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Very simple formula, to average daily. Start with b1:b2/2, b1:b3/3, b1:b4/4. Doing Monthly average and a Yearly total over ever-increasing days.


Researched and identified a formula that might work. =average(b1:b2). I used this formula to check what I had calculated previously. Old format, +sum(b1:b80)/80 became =average(b1:b80). Initial entry was correct but as I moved down a line it became b2:b81, b3:b82 when I wanted to include entries from day 1 (b1) in all calculations.


Expect done something stupid. Can anyone help?


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Start with =AVERAGE(B$1:B2) and then fill down. The $ sign "fixes" the row number 1, so it will stay the same.


Applied the $ into formula and it worked.

Most grateful for your assistance