Average Formula using multiple columns

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I am trying to do an average formula using an “If(And” function and I am having difficulty getting it to work.




The spreadsheet is tracking information based on the reviewer of a transaction (Connie Daniels or Jack Whitt).  If the “Error Code” field is “None” this means the review was correct with no errors.  Any other response means the review was incorrect.  I am trying to calculate the average for each reviewer.


If it was a math equation it would be……

(The number of Connie Daniels reviewed calls that scored “None”)  


(The number of Connie Daniels reviewed calls)






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=SUMIFS(score_range, reviewer_range, "Connie Daniels", errorcode_range, "None")/SUMIFS(score_range, reviewer_range, "Connie Daniels")


You can, of course, replace "Connie Daniels" with a reference to a cell that contains the reviewer's name.