Average for Seperate Data Sets on the Same Sheet

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I work at a dealership and I was wondering if there was a way to calculate average satisfaction scores for 2 separate brands on the same spreadsheet so that it updates automatically when I submit more data. 

In terms of "if, then" statements essentially "if column c say BRAND A or B, then calculate the average  of the numbers in the same row on column d".


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It is possible but the practicality depends upon how the data is laid out and the version of Excel that you use.  For example it would be helpful if the source data were held as an Excel Table.  Using Excel 365, the formula

= AVERAGEIFS(numbers, brand, UNIQUE(brand))

would give values for each listed brand, as would the more recent function

= GROUPBY(brand, numbers, AVERAGE)

that largely eliminates the need for pivot tables, though many might disagree.