AutoSum comes up =SUBTOTAL(function_num,ref1,[ref2],...)

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How do I correct AutoSum back to =SUM(number1,[number2], …) When I click on AutoSum in Editing in the Home Ribbon or in the Formulas Ribbon it inserts the SUBTOTAL FORMULA,  =SUBTOTAL(function_num,ref1,[ref2],...).

How do I change it back to =SUM(number1,[number2], …) ?

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This happens when you invoke AutoSum on a filtered range.

If you click AutoSum with a non-filtered range, it should default to SUM.

Thanks Hans. Unfortunately it didn't solve the issue.
Hans, I apologies I did have the spreadsheet filtered. I did what you suggested and unfiltered the sheet and now AutoSum is back working like it should. Thanks for you help. My brain must be telling me it's tie for a break. Have a great day