Autosum cells containing formula

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How can I add up values in cells that have a formula in them?  See screenshot.



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@Larus_2 Can you upload the file you took the screenshot from? That saves us from having to second-guess what exactly you are summing. Alternative, do not use "autosum". Just type in a SUM formula from scratch. Something like =SUM(...........) and enter the range or individual cells to be summed on the dots.

How do I upload the file?

@Larus_2 Below the box where you write your reply you see this:

Screenshot 2021-12-16 at 14.54.12.png

Click on browse and follow the instructions. Just make sure that your file doesn't include any private or confidential information.

It seems as if I am not permitted to upload files as no upload icon is on my page

@Larus_2 Then try to  upload a screen shot (just as in your original message) showing the row and column headers and the formula that doesn't work for you. And indicate what result you expect to see there and why.