Autosave in Office2007 not working with Win10

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I know Office 2007 is not officially supported by Microsoft, but I have an Enterprise version with 5 licenses (4 in use) and Office365 would be cost prohibitive. We recently started using Win10 on our newer laptops, but Autosave did not seem to be working. So I set the autosave time to 2 minutes, made changes in both Word and Excel and waited, but I do not see autosave images being created under AppData. What am I missing ?



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A Correction: So, it looks like if Excel actually crashes (I killed it using Task Manager) there is a recovery file created. But if the app gets into the Not Responding state and you have to kill it, it does not.
Another Correction: This is now getting strange. My wife and I both run Office 2007 on Win10. The note above about killing Excel creating a restore file is correct for my system, but NOT for hers. The Save settings in Excel are the same, but nothing gets created on her system at all if I kill the app.