Autopopulation stops after several rows

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The autopopulation of cell values is enabled on my Excel spreadsheet, however it randomly stops working after several cells. For example, it will autopopulate "this phrase is an example" after the first two letters are typed in, but only until row 77 and then it randomly stops autopopulating and I'll have to type in the complete phrase. I've tried disabling and re-enabling the function, and the issue remains. Anyone knows why it does that? And how I could fix it? I can't understand what the issue is; there is no other similar phrase in the spreadsheet that could prevent the autopopulation.

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The more cells there are between a phrase and the active cell, the more of its characters you'll have to type before autocomplete kicks in. Assuming that there are no other cells that start with "this",

you'll only have to type "t" in the first range of cells below the phrase to activate autocomplete; below those you'll have to type "th", then further down "thi", etc.