Automatize cells filling on excel

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I am working with patients that do not know how to use excel, and I am developing a format that they can use to monitor their progress. It uses a lot of formulas, that I would like to hide from them (to facilitate their use of the formats). Is there any way to automatize the filling of some cells when they fill another cell? (Example: if they put the current date, a formula estimates their age and their age range for calculating how many calories they need, but I would like to hide those cells, so I would like them to automatically calculate those values without them having to drag down the cells). In the attached excel there are hidden cells between B and E, and there are other cells that can be estimated by just filling B, E, G, and H.

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Due to the written your message and the inserted file, I unfortunately cannot understand exactly what your plan is.

This could also be due to the translation (my English is not the best either so that I cannot understand it very well.

It would be nice if you could add step-by-step instructions with the file and explain your plan in detail.


Nonetheless, there is a resolution for the hidden cells here, although I do not know whether this is desired, but it is a resolution.