Automation of data reading and automatic assignment and importing (VBA?)

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Hello people
I would like to solve the following problem:

I have an Excel file in which data of all employees and their working hours are entered with different parameters in columns A to G. I would like to solve this problem.
In column A the name of the employee is entered.
I have created an Exceltool with which the data is currently inserted by copy & paste.
The task is now to be able to automatically read the data into the corresponding Excel tool according to the name of the employee.


I would now proceed as follows:
The data is exported from the software program and stored manually in the folder for payroll. In this folder are the Excel files per employee. In column A of the Excel tool, the names of the employees are not yet entered, but only contained in the file name. In order to have the data imported automatically, a comparison of the names would probably have to be made from the table with all the names of the employees and all the Excel files in the payroll folder. So I would enter the corresponding name into the excel tool where the vba code could automatically make a comparison to see where to store the data of the corresponding driver.
There are about 200 employees, which is why an automation of the process is absolutely necessary.


Maybe you have an idea how this could be done with VBA or a macro.


Thank you in advance!


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