automation idea - working around dates to give an automated response

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I need some help or an idea - does anyone know of a template I can use for working around date closures and generating automated formulas?


Basically I want a template that I can out in dates for site closure(Xmas holidays) with a variable (shelf life of a product) and this will tell me when to produce to hit the minimum life the customer wants?



Sorry to ask , but the current method i use is to manual and thought i could automate to save myself time 

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If there's an Excel template for that (which I doubt) I have to leave it to somebody else to let you know. 


But your manual process is, itself, a template of sorts. Certainly a starting point. Is it possible for you to write out answers to the following, breaking things down into these parts:

  • the situation (challenge/business need/whatever)
  • the raw data you'd be working with (let's call it input data) [an example of two of dates, shelf life info, etc]
  • the process or the calculation applied to that raw input data in order to get..
  • the result or output desired.


If you can attach an image of the manual worksheet as well, that would be a big help.