automating row data copying from multiple tabs into one master tab on excel 365 on Sharepoint

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We use Excel 365 for work on Sharepoint to collaborate on a status sheet across projects. There are so many people updating the sheet that things are being accidentally deleted, filters are affecting others when multiple people are on, etc. - it's become quite a mess!


My solution is to create individual tabs for each team to enter their updates and have those rows of updates automatically populate into one master sheet where management can have one sheet with all project updates. I want to avoid having to manually copy/paste each team's updates into one master tab. All teams are updating the same project details, so the headers are the same for all teams. 


I am green when it comes to Excel 365, so looking for the simplest way to create the above automated sheet.


Thank you in advance

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Have you considered using Sheet Views?

Sheet View will allow each person to customize his/her own view without changing the original workbook.

Hi @Patrick2788 


Thanks for the suggestion. We have been using Sheet Views for months but it is glitchy and does not always work for everyone. This is why I am trying to create a new solution.


Due to the volume of people/projects on the single tab, I am thinking the best way would be to create an individual tab per team and then automate each tab's updates (rows) to copy into a master tab where it would be one tab with all projects across the tabs. Any ideas?


Some projects will continue to get updates in the same row while new rows are added for new projects as well. Is it possible to automate copying in the existing rows of projects + get any row updates a team enters into an existing row in their individual tab?