Automatically send multiple emails based on calculated cell value


I have a spread sheet that counts down automatically the days left on clients service agreements. I would like to send automated email/emails every 7 days in the pink and yellow ranges. Each email would detail how  many days are remaining. In the Red and the Black, the same but sending every 2 days. I am using Windows 10 with Office 365. I have found a site by a person called De Bruin which works on his spreadsheet but won't work if I copy and paste the code to my workbook.

Any ideas?

As always my thanks and gratitude in advance to the amazing excel community...

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Thank you for your reply Nikolino. Yes I have already visited Ron de Bruin. But I cannot get the copy/pasted code to work in another workbook. I will post screen shots. Also unlike other similar code I have explored I cannot find how to change the text of the email or the frequency of the resending.


I have looked at and tried the Ron de Bruin code but it wont allow me to copy and paste to another work book. Also I cannot find where to adjust text for the email or anything else except the final calculated number. Have spent hours on it to no avail. It comes up with the following when pasted into another workbook. Please find attached his workbook and snippets of the error plus my experiment worksheet (that doesn't work...) that produces the error with the copy and pasted VBA code. 

Help !!